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About Elle James

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Elle James was created to help people find more joy in their space and create a home or business environment that you love to be in and feel at peace and surrounded by positive energy when there!

Our sage and palo santo are sourced ethically and responsibly. Always aware and respectful of the history and sacredness of the plants and natural resources.

Our home decor items are hand crafted by

Courtney Elle or sourced from small business, artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen locally and

across the world!


Courtney Elle, Owner

When we enter different spaces, people’s homes or even businesses,

we’re greeted with the energy of that space. Sometimes it’s warm and welcoming, sometimes it’s cold and off putting, sometimes its just plain old stale.


This is relayed through both the people in the space and the design and decor of the space.

We like to use the example of entering maybe a party or other event and feeling like you can cut the tension with a knife. We’ve all felt that before, that is energy!

When people carry negative energy, it can linger and attach to others and even things.

This is why natural wellness elements like sage and crystals are so important to include when creating your homes vibe!


As you select unique decor and wellness items for your space, our hope is that we can help you find things that bring you joy, create a sense of peace and love in your home and keep the good vibes flowin'!

That's what Elle James is all about!

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