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Outer Beauty
Inner Peace

At Elle James, we’re all about good vibes. Good vibes begin within – within yourself, within your home and within the air surrounding you. Elle James seeks to create healthy, positive spaces in which your mind, body and soul feel calm, secure and at peace. Our collection of sage, incense and home products combines cleansing and self-care for beautiful balance and harmony from within. 


Courtney Elle, the owner of Elle James, has a passion for helping people feel good and to resignify their spaces to sacred sanctuaries. She curates each item in the shop with thoughtful intention, from our handcrafted sage bundles to our handpicked varieties of incense, unique gift sets and tasteful home decor.


Courtney adds an educational element to each wellness item she offers, helping her customers try new products and properly incorporate them into their home and their lifestyle. She also provides hands-on education through workshops and private parties, with wreath-, sage bundle- and eucalyptus shower bundle-making – and more.                                                                       


The name Elle James was born from Courtney’s middle name, Ellsworth, and her son, James. Elle James is proud to be a part of the Black Woman Owned business community in Buffalo, NY.


Our Values

Positive, Uplifting Energy

Ancient Indigenous & African Traditions

Ethically & Responsibly Sourced

Manifesting good vibes and positivity through intentional cleansing of your space and soul. 

Deeply aware and respectful of the history, culture and sacredness surrounding the ancient traditions of sage and palo santo burning.

Elle James products are made with natural, sustainable ingredients, sourced from small-batch farms in the U.S. or handmade by local artisans and small businesses.

Women Owned & Made

Uplifting and inspiring women with women-made products.

Customer Service

Elle James goes above and beyond to make sure our customers feel heard, valued and important through every interaction.

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