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Our Incense

Purify Your Space, Awaken Your Soul

Elle James’ locally-sourced incense is sustainable, eco-conscious, and prepared according to ancient tradition. Hand rolled, dipped in resin and rolled again in herbs, our artisan incense purifies while inspiring mindfulness and creativity. All of our incense sticks burn 45 minutes to an hour and lack excessively strong aromas that trigger headaches or migraines. Choose from thoughtfully handpicked fragrances and varieties to personalize your space and meet your unique needs.


Burning incense will kill bacteria and cleanse the air in your space. 

Focus & Meditation

Aromatherapy deepens attention while heightening your senses.

Stress Relief

Ease anxiety and curb stress.


Clear and stimulate the mind to inspire creativity and flow state.

Sleep & Medicine

Incense aromas produce serotonin, improving sleep, mood, digestion and more.


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