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Sage & Palo Santo

Cleanse, Clarify & Renew

Ethically sourced from small-batch farms in the U.S., Elle James’ high quality sage and palo santo pays homage to Ancient Native American and African tradition, fostering good vibes and natural medicinal remedies. Our sage bundles are handcrafted in-house with love and intention, combining the numerous benefits of sage and floral or herbal elements, such as lavender, rose, eucalyptus or rosemary, to help you add more wellness to your routine. Our palo santo, Spanish for “holy wood,” comes from trees found on the coast of South America.


Burning sage cleanses and purifies your space by repelling insects, pathogens and spiritual impurities.

Dissipate Negative Energy

Rid yourself and your space of negative energies from pollution, people, anxieties and past traumas.

Stress Relief

Improve your memory and focus, and strengthen cognition and intuition.


Reduce oxidative stress in the body and alleviate depression, while improving mood.

Sleep & Medicine

Protect against negative energy that disrupts sleep and causes exhaustion, and boost energy levels by welcoming fresh, positive energies.