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New Home ~ New Vibes

Set Includes:


Floral Sage Bundle

Palo Santo Sticks

Selenite Crystal

Mini lavender wand


Cast Iron Dish

Loose Incense

Floral Sage Bundle:

Blue Sage, Juniper, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and rose buds combine to cleanse you and your space of negative, or unwanted energy; while bringing protective, grounding and fresh energy- perfect for a new start in a new space.

Palo Santo:

From a mystical tree grown in South America. This wood is used like incense yet can be enjoyed multiple times. Palo Santo provides a pleasant, earthy aroma that cleanses the energy around you and also encourages creativity, positive energy and clarity. The wood is also used very often to raise vibrations during meditation and can be excellent at clearing unwanted odors.

Selenite Crystal:

Selenite crystal is known for its purifying properties. The stone is widely used for cleansing and charging other cryst als. Some of its other applications include calming the mind, bringing balance and removing energy blockages. This crystal is perfect for balancing the energy of a home.

Mini Lavender Wand:

This mini wand can be burned for a short cleansing session and works well to relieve stress and anxiety. Burn this wand as you would a sage bundle.

Loose Incense:

This loose incense is a blend of frankincense, myrrh, Maya Copal, Palo Santo and white sage. This incense can be burned with a match (included) or a candle lighter. You can burn a little or a lot depending on your preference.

Instructions Included

New Home ~ New Vibes Set


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