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*Includes 3 sticks* 3.5”- 5” each


 Palo Santo means “holy wood” in spanish and comes from trees found on the coast of South America. Palo Santo has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 


When burned, palo santo cleanses the air and welcomes creativity, love and positive energy into your space. 


These wood sticks will last for multiple burning sessions and will brighten the energy around you, while promoting uplifting feelings of positivity,  clarity and concentration. 


Directions: Provide an airflow exit for any unwanted energy by opening  a window or a door. Light one end of the stick and allow the wood tip to slowly ignite. Focus on positive intentions and thoughts. Lightly waft the smoke around yourself and your space. Hold a fireproof dish under your stick to catch any falling embers. 

When finished, ensure the stick is no longer lit before leaving unattended.


*Always use caution. Keep out of children and pets reach*

Palo Santo Stick


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